• Stunning moss wall art.

  • Bring the sculptural beauty of moss into your space.

  • Real Moss. Zero Care.

Moss Wall Art

Moss wall art is no ordinary art. It’s beautiful, yet relaxing. It’s stunning, yet reserved. It’s natural, yet otherworldly.

The soothing and meditative quality of each of our vertical gardens brings a unique experience into your environment. Each moss wall art piece is made with 100% real, preserved moss and ferns for a worry free, zero-care experience. This indoor plant art will stay vibrant and green for years to come. All you need to do is enjoy the calming beauty of real moss wall art.

No watering, no replacements, and no extra costs. WabiMoss— the beauty of nature, indoors.

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Wabi means things that are fresh and simple. It denotes simplicity and quietude, and also incorporates rustic beauty. It includes both that which is made by nature, and that which is made by man. It also can mean an accidental or happenstance element (or perhaps even a small flaw) which gives elegance and uniqueness to the whole. We strive to bring this essence into each of our moss wall art pieces.


    Our real moss is preserved, so there is zero care (no watering or replacements). Traditional live walls take a lot of work and money to maintain. With our beautiful moss wall art pieces, you need only enjoy!


    The delicate green has a subtle influence in your space, helping to calm and center those that view it.


    The unparalleled beauty of real, preserved moss. Elegance and simplicity.

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