Vegas Project!

We just completed a moss wall art project in Las Vegas, NV. Here are some pictures of the completed project. Enjoy!


A little update from WabiMoss!

It has been a crazy holiday season for us here at WabiMoss! Now that things are settling down a bit, we’ve got some big projects to work on. We’ve started selling a larger moss wall art piece, 36″x54″ in measurements. I’ve settled into a new studio space to create my new pieces of work, and I am so happy with it. What do you think?


Why Moss Art? The Beauty Behind the Moss

moss art moss wall art


    Moss art as an art form may not be traditional, but then again neither are we. For many of us, the appreciation of nature is innate – not something learned or taught, but rather organic and instinctive. Joy may be found when strolling through the park or when visiting a bountiful garden. It takes no effort to feel a sense of ease and wonder while looking upon a deep canyon filled with luscious trees, swaying in the wind.

    Thus it is no surprise when we find many portrayals of nature in artwork. Beautifully developed photographs capture the sun setting on a picturesque landscape, and many paintings depict the natural world in all its wonder. So why use moss as a medium in our artwork?

    WabiMoss understands the impact that nature brings to our man-centered world and strives to bring this power of nature indoors. Nature is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meditative and peaceful for our minds and bodies. We chose a natural art form for these qualities, qualities that we believe are important to our lives. Our moss art is a green wall in the home – its three-dimensionality emerges from its wooden frame, as if a piece of a dense forest floor has been transplanted into the home or office – untouched and imperfect, yet harmonious and simple. Our moss art does not only depict, but it transports.

    So why moss art? Because moss is both simple and versatile, both unique and beautiful. The moss embodies the idea of wabisabi, that that which may have characteristics of asperity, simplicity, or asymmetry can, too, hold great beauty. Our moss art can last for decades and requires no care, but brings a beautiful slice of nature to brighten an interior environment so that you can enjoy the benefits, aesthetic or meditative, of Mother Nature without stepping out of the door.


moss art moss wall art

Wabimoss installation at Cest Cheese Cafe

Moss wall installation at cest cheese cafe

Moss wall installation at C’est Cheese Cafe in Santa Barbara, CA.

A happy moss wall art customer


“Everyone who sees my WabiMoss moss wall art in my entryway asks, ‘Do you have to water it?’ A smile comes to my face when I always reply, ‘No! That’s the best part!’

The burned wood frame echoes the drift wood inside, the textures make you want to touch it, and the colors are so vivid and varied  that it is really nature inside the house.  It even smells sort of mossy.   When I walk in and out of the house it’s the first thing I see.  I think of a waterfall when I see the driftwood vertically moving through the moss and a feeling of calm comes over me.  It’s a nice way to transition from outside to inside. Thank you for such a beautiful piece of artwork.”
Charlene L. San Diego, CA

Two Moss Art Pieces Shipping today

Two moss wall art pieces that we are shipping today.

Here are two fine moss wall art pieces that we are shipping today. Two lucky people are getting some fine artwork!

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Living room moss wall installation

A green wall installation in a living room. There is no care involved, since it is 100% real and preserved moss. This instillation measures at 54″x 51″

moss painting in living room

moss art