We work with interior designers

  • Custom Frame Sizes

    Give us your desired dimensions and we will make it. We like to keep frames below 46″x 56″ due to the fact that large frames are difficult to lift, tend to warp, and have to be shipped via freight. If you want to cover a large wall, we will create several pieces that will fit together.

  • Fast Proposals

    Let us know what you are looking for and we can give you a price quote quickly.

  • Installation

    Our artwork is easy to install, but we dont do the installation ourselves. Any contractor can screw the panels into the wall- and each artwork comes with instructions on how to mount it.

  • Shipping

    Our moss wall art is easy to hang. We can ship anywhere with easy instructions for installation.

  • Technical

    Each panel is made from 1/4″ plywood backing surrounded by 3/4″ wide frame. For commercial installation we recommend using 3″ drywall screws screwed directly through the in four spots. The plywood backer catches the screw head and the moss will hide the screw head.

  • Pricing

    We often make custom frame sizes. Custom sizes cost 80 cents per square inch (standard sizes that can be purchased on our site are 61 cents per square inch). Our custom size cost 90 cent covers any design you want and any size or color of frame. The exception to this is if you want a lot of ferns, which may incur a small extra charge.

custom moss wall art