moss art


The warm blue hues are the first to capture the eye. Soft cotton clouds drift slowly through the sky, moving gently with the breeze. The sun is only just emerging, casting a shadow upon the valley below, the dark green of nourished trees slightly peeking out from the darkness. The yellow haze is still hidden, buried beneath the the soft azure of the long night. The cold air pushes leisurely through the landscape, biting the skin and invigorating the senses. And the smell, what a beautiful smell. Rich in earthiness, damp with the odour of fresh rain. The birds, similarly awoken just moments ago, begin to sing in lively chirps, enveloping the scene with a beautiful song. Layered like a soundtrack, the boom of ocean waves beat like a bass drum, cushioned by the tender sway of leaves. The world is awake again, bringing the bliss of a new day.

– Emily Shapiro