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Biophilic Designs: what is it and why is it so popular?

We as human beings crave nature. It has been our home, our habitat for millennia. Yet, centuries of modernization, by way of industrialization, have further strengthened the divide between man and nature. Gone are the dense thickets of trees and the clean, fresh air. Instead, our world has become digitized and disconnected. For many living […]

PAntone greenery color of the year door

Pantone Greenery: Small Decor Accents You Need

The sweet, fresh greens of a renewed spring, offset by the hazy warmth of the sun. This is the image Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, Greenery, is meant to evoke. The green-yellow color is meant to remind of us of “nature’s neutral,” as Pantone puts it. A breath of fresh air, a moment to […]

Vegas Project!

We just completed a moss wall art project in Las Vegas, NV. Here are some pictures of the completed project. Enjoy!  

The Depth of a Shallow Blue: What Nature Means to Me

Nature itself can be so inspiring, yet so broad a word – the drizzling spring rain against a backdrop of evergreens may inspire one, but the soft scuttle of an insect across grainy sand might inspire another. Nature itself can be found in a canyon, untouched by man yet inhabited by many; or by the […]

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The warm blue hues are the first to capture the eye. Soft cotton clouds drift slowly through the sky, moving gently with the breeze. The sun is only just emerging, casting a shadow upon the valley below, the dark green of nourished trees slightly peeking out from the darkness. The yellow haze is still hidden, […]

A little update from WabiMoss!

It has been a crazy holiday season for us here at WabiMoss! Now that things are settling down a bit, we’ve got some big projects to work on. We’ve started selling a larger moss wall art piece, 36″x54″ in measurements. I’ve settled into a new studio space to create my new pieces of work, and […]

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The Japanese Newspaper That’s Reinventing Recycling

A Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shinbun is one of the most popular daily newspapers in circulation in Japan. News of its green newspaper have begun to surface overseas, with many praising its efforts to preserve the natural world. According to a 2015 Mainichi Shinbun article, the green newspaper is part of a campaign called “Mottainai” which […]

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Air Plant Care for your WabiMoss Piece

Air Plants 101: what is an air plant? Air plants are the more common name for the Tillandsia, or Tilly, genus, which has about 650 species. This small house plant can come in a variety of shapes and colors. The base is the thickest part, almost like the trunk of a tree. The leaves spindle […]

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Installing your new moss wall art: the how and why!

Moss wall art is unique and inspiring, so show it off! We’ve received some questions from our wonderful customers about how to install our pieces, so we’d love to explain!   HOW   Our moss wall art’s frame has extended edges that are to be used as a “hook.” In addition, our moss wall art […]

Miyajima Trip: The Beauty of Nature in Japan

Miyajima Trip: The Beauty of Nature in Japan PT 1 My name is Emily and I’m an intern at WabiMoss. My mother is Japanese, and she now lives in Japan with my father and two sisters. Just recently, I returned to California after visiting them for two weeks. We had a wonderful time, both at […]

Why Moss Art? The Beauty Behind the Moss

      Moss art as an art form may not be traditional, but then again neither are we. For many of us, the appreciation of nature is innate – not something learned or taught, but rather organic and instinctive. Joy may be found when strolling through the park or when visiting a bountiful garden. It takes […]

Forest Healing, the Japanese Art of Shinrin Yoku

Forest Healing: When times become stressful or exhausting, perhaps a walk through the forest is the solution. This is the idea behind Shinrin Yoku (森林浴), a Japanese term which loosely translates to forest healing. This forest healing is used to achieve relaxation and boost healthiness. Many of those who practice forest therapy do so to […]

Moss Girls: The Japanese Phenomenon of Moss Viewing

Moss Girls of Japan: A cloudy sky hovers above, while the light patter of rain descends upon the rain coat of a young woman. She holds a book between one of her arms as she’s crouched, with a camera closely focused in front of her. She hesitates for only a moment, then clicks and the […]

A happy moss wall art customer

“Everyone who sees my WabiMoss moss wall art in my entryway asks, ‘Do you have to water it?’ A smile comes to my face when I always reply, ‘No! That’s the best part!’ The burned wood frame echoes the drift wood inside, the textures make you want to touch it, and the colors are so vivid and varied […]

Two Moss Art Pieces Shipping today

Here are two fine moss wall art pieces that we are shipping today. Two lucky people are getting some fine artwork!

How our ancestors used moss

A few fun facts on the uses of moss by indigenous peoples, as well as survival uses of moss. One use that will probably remain forever among field personnel is that of toilet “paper” (Open-Air). Sphagnum is particularly suitable, both for its absorptive properties and its antibiotic properties. Since it has antibiotic properties, and is […]

Shin to bul ee

“Shin to bul ee” – Body and soil are one. Korean proverb Research shows that when we look at natural elements like sunsets, streams, trees, or flowers, we have a gentle and soft focus which allows for a more reflective state; it is in this state that we can rest and recover. In Korea, firemen […]

Hallway moss art | green wall

Here is a recent moss wall art piece we made. It is a nice addition to the hallway in the entry. Having a green wall art piece with no care is a great way to enjoy nature without watering.  

Living room moss wall installation

A green wall installation in a living room. There is no care involved, since it is 100% real and preserved moss. This instillation measures at 54″x 51″